MX Records in LPCP

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

In LPCP you have the ability to edit your MX Records if you want to use an external service to host your email.

First log into your control panel, then on the left menu, under the E-mail section, click on Edit MX Entry.

Lpcp mx 01.png

From the drop-down box select the domain (or sub-domain) whose MX Records you would like to edit. You will see the current MX Record entries for that domain.

Lpcp mx 02.png

Click on the Edit link, and on the next page enter the Priority and the Destination. Please note: MX records with a lower number have a higher priority. Priority number 0 is reserved, so cannot be used.

Lpcp mx 03.png

To save your changes, click the Update button.

If you need to add additional MX Records, click on the Add New link.

Lpcp mx 04.png

To remove a MX Record, click on the Delete link for the desired record.