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Mailing lists are handy to have. Why? They make it a simple task to e-mail large amounts of people the same basic message. You could send out an e-mail mailing list to update people about current events, updates or anything else you can imagine.

Important note: MailMan does not have any kind of throttle for outgoing mail, so there may be a risk of exceeding the per hour limit of sending emails. You may want to consider PHP List which is a free script that you can control the sending limit. It can be installed in Cpanel with Fantastico, and LPCP with Softaculous.

How to Create a Mailing List in Cpanel

We provide 1 mailing list with your account. We use Mailman to handle mailing lists. You can find more information at the MailMan FAQ.

To administer the list, look in Cpanel under Mail > Mailing Lists. There will be a link there to edit your list if it has already been created. You can also go direct to:

Login with the admin username and password. Go through all the options and set them. Most are self-explanatory.

Your general list info page will be at:

Here interested people can see information about the list, subscribe, unsubscribe, edit their options, view archives of the list, post to the list, get a password reminder, and view a list of subscribers if allowed. This page can be edited in Admin.

To post to a mailman list, send email to To make the list a one-way announcement list, please read the FAQ listed above.

You can view the list of subscribers from the General Info Page if set to allowed and copy the addresses to paste into your own document.

Note: if e-mail addresses are obfuscated, you need to change the setting labeled "Show member addresses so they're not directly recognizable as email addresses?" in the privacy settings in the admin control panel.

You can actually retrieve the members of a mailman mailing list by email by sending a command to the list at from a subscribed email address. Send a blank email to that address with subject "who password" without the quotes and substitute the list password for password.

If you want to see other commands, send to the same address from a subscribed email address with subject "help" without the quotes.

Mailman does have a facility to mass subscribe and mass unsubscribe. Put one address per line.

Your list can have a very small membership or a very large membership. A very large list may take a while to distribute. Using digests may help.

How to Create a Mailing List in Plesk

Start off by logging into Plesk, and then on the front page, click on the domain name you wish to create the e-mail address for. Then, click on the icon labeled, "Mailing Lists".

To add a new mailing list, click under the "Tools" section the icon labeled, "Add New Mailing List". Now, you will be asked to fill in several details about your new mailing list.


In the first text box, put in your name for your mailing list. In the next text box, you should put in the password for your mailing list. For the third box you need to re-type your password again, and in the last text box put in your mailing list's administrator's e-mail.

Once you have done all of that, hit the "OK" button at the bottom of the web page. You should now be on the special mailing list page for that specific mailing list. To add new members, just hit the "Add New Members" button. Under e-mail, put in their e-mail address and hit the "OK" button. Do that each time you wish to add a new member.


Now you can contact a large amount of people from one place with your own mailing list for your domain.