Move Database from old host

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How do I move my forum and database here?

You can create a backup of it at your old host or, if your old host has phpMyAdmin installed, you can export it into a .sql file and use phpMyAdmin to import it here.

If you have a problem populating a new database here with it, please ask us for help at Please note that we can only assist you with uploading a database up to 300 MB.

Tip: If the import feature in phpMyAdmin is timing out for you, please upload your .sql file to the root of your account, and contact us with file name and the name of the database you are trying to import the data into.

For Windows accounts, Access databases may be uploaded to your httpdocs or a subfolder and connected to with a DSN created in Plesk. (We do not support Access or MSSQL databases on Linux.)

MSSQL databases will need to be uploaded by one of our techs. Please email for help.

For more information see our guide to Importing and Exporting MySQL Databases.