Moving to Lunarpages

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What is the best way to move over an existing account from another web hosting provider to Lunarpages for your web hosting needs? Here is how you can get it done in eight easy steps.

Step 1. Sign up for an account with us online at You can see all of the hosting plans we offer here.

Step 2. Copy all files from your current site (downloaded or zipped and downloaded) onto your local computer. Make sure you do not cancel your old web hosting account yet. This way, if you forgot to backup something it will still be accessible.

Step 3. If further verification is needed, we will call you to activate the account. Once your account has been verified and setup, we will send a critical account information e-mail (also known as the Welcome E-mail) with upload details, control panel access, and other important information.

Step 4. Using your new temporary ftp address, user name and password, you would upload your files to your Lunarpages hosting account.

Step 5. Test the account is working by viewing your site using the temporary URL we will provide with the account info e-mail. Using ASP, JSP, or PHP scripts/code with this URL will not work.

Step 6. Once the site is working successfully, you would go to your domain name registrar's administration area and log in to change your DNS nameservers over to ours. We provide those when the account is activated.

Step 7. Your domain will be propagated throughout the Internet after the DNS changes are processed. What this means is that every nameserver around the world is being updated with the new domain record. During this time your domain and email will not work or they will work sporadically. This process may take up to 72 hours.

Step 8. After the propagation has completed and the domain is fully active, you could then cancel your previous account. If you were not able to view your ASP, JSP or PHP scripts/code before you should be able to now using your primary domain name.

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