Multiple Domains

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Can I host multiple domains on my Lunarpages account?

Yes, we have an Add-on domain feature which makes it possible for you to have additional websites (with email) on just one account.

The Basic and Business plans comes with unlimited free add-on domains, which can be set up if you have purchased the new domain name through Lunarpages or an external company.

The Windows plan comes with 1 free add-on domain. After your first free add-on domain on the Windows plan, an additional add-on domain can be purchased for $2.50 per month.

If you have a valid credit card on file, you can purchase additional addon domains online via CAP (Customer Account Page) at

Login with your Lunarpages username and password, then choose the Upgrades / Addons Menu, or you can email to enable more.

Each domain will resolve to its own name and content like a separate website, though they share the resources of the account with the primary domain. Add-on domains can have their own email addresses and can use any database on the account.

Please note: Add-on domains cannot have parked domains which resolve to the primary domain content or sub-domains as add-ons actually are created as sub domains in our system. We can switch an add-on domain name with a primary domain name if you need these on an add-on domain name and not the primary domain. The add-on would become the primary and vice-versa. You will have to move the content around yourself.