MySQL Basics

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

Here are some of the short, yet sweet answers to often asked questions about MySQL databases:

Do you offer transactional databases such as InnoDB?

Cpanel servers: No

LPCP servers: Yes

If you are on a Cpanel server and require InnoDB (for a script such as the Magento shopping cart) it will require a server move to a LPCP server.

What table types do you offer?

We offer ISAM, MyISAM, HEAP, and MERGE table types.

What is the number of maximum connections allowed to a single MySQL database?

We allow up to 50 simultaneous connections per MySQL user, and up to 1,500 simultaneous connections per server.

MySQL Extended Character Sets

Our MySQL servers support extended character sets, foreign character sets, and collation sets.

Can I use MySQL Front to access my database?

You can remotely connect to your database by using your domain name as the host you are connecting to for Cpanel.

For LPCP accounts, you will need to use the MySQL servers IP address, which can be found when logged into your LPCP account on the right side under DB Server.

You would also need to add your IP address to the remote access list in the MySQL manager in your cPanel. Rather than entering your IP, enter the % symbol - this acts as a wild card and will allow connections from any remote IP.

Why am I getting MYI error codes?

If you open PHPMyAdmin, select the database, on the page to the right of screen, scroll down and click on check all (bottom of table lists) and to the right of that is a drop down box, select "repair" and wait for the page to re-load.

VB has a function to test if the connection is up, unfortunately it seems to return the wrong value. What can I do to resolve this?

You will need to code in a custom keep-alive query that polls the DB every 200 seconds or less to correct this error.