MySQL Remote Connections

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

Can I connect to MySQL database remotely?

Yes, you can connect to your MySQL database remotely on our Linux servers (Basic and Business plans) only using a client such as MySQL Administrator which is part of the MySQL GUI Tools found at

Please remember to enter your own IP address or % for a wild card in the Access Hosts area in cPanel under MySQL. Additionally, you must create a database as well as a user and then add the user to the database prior to establishing a connection. Your database name and user name will be username_databasename and username_databaseuser respectively. The password will be the password for the user you created. The hostname should be your domain name. The port is 3306.

Remote access is not provided on the Windows plan.

Can I use MySQL Front to access my database?

You can remotely connect to your database by using your domain name as the host you are connecting to. You would also need to add your IP address to the remote access list in the MySQL manager in your cPanel.

Or, rather than entering your IP, enter the % symbol - this acts as a wild card and will allow connections from any remote IP.