Nano WebEditor Publishing

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How do I publish my site with Namo WebEditor?

To Publish in Namo WebEditor version 5.5:

After opening your saved site click: File > Publish > Connect.

Once the connection set up dialog box appears you can enter your ftp information:

  • Site Name: A nick name or the name of the site you will connect to for upload of your site
  • Host: (for Lunarpages Hosted Accts.)
  • Port: 21 (default)
  • Directory: /public_html
  • Username: Your Lunarpages username
  • Password: Your Lunarpages Password
  • Passive Mode: ticked
  • HTTP information:

Click 'Ok' to save the information.

Once you have set up your connection you can choose 'connect' then click on the name you gave the connection in 'site name' field mentioned above.

In the right-hand window you will see a listing of folders. You will need to publish to your public_html directory.

Click once on the folder to highlight. Then, choose the file you wish to publish. (Tip: try a test publish with a single file first.)

Click the globe icon with a one way error pointing to the right (Namo calls this 'put') A dialog box confirms your file is now published.

To publish the entire site you follow the same basic instructions, only this time you choose the 'site' from your left-hand listing of site files. Your entire site will be published now.

Please note: larger sites and slower connections will increase the time it takes to publish your entire website.