Parking Domains in LPCP

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When it comes to domain name management via your control panel, LPCP offers a great way to park a domain name, where you need it, on your hosting account. A parked domain name would be one that is placed on top of a location. As an example, lets say I own both and The domain is my main domain, but I can park on top of it so that anybody going to or will both be sent to the same server location where my web site is stored.

How do you park a domain name in LPCP?

First thing you need to do is to click on the icon labeled, Parked Domains from the LPCP control panel main page or click on the the Parked Domains link under the Domains header in the left navigation sidebar.


Now to add a new parked domain, click on the Add new link at the top of the page. This will take you to the Parked Domains Manager.


Now, from the Select Domain drop down box, select the main domain. In the box marked for the Parked Domain be sure to type in the parked domain name. (You should type in your domain name as "" changing it to reflect the domain name you wish to park).


Now you can click the button labeled, Park this domain to finish the domain parking process. If all was done right, you will see a message that says Domain Parked Successfully at the end of the process.


How to Remove a Parked Domain Name from LPCP

Removing or deleting a parked domain is easy to do too. From the LPCP front page, click on the Parked Domains navigation link in the left sidebar menu to go to the Parked Domains Manager. Next, you will need to click delete link next to the parked domain you wish to remove.


Once that has been done, you will be asked to confirm the deletion of the parked domain and then your parked domain name will have been removed.