Plesk File Manager

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If you do not have an FTP program with you, the Plesk File Manager can act as a suitable web-based replacement. From the Plesk, you can control all of your files and folders just as you would if you were using a real FTP client.

How to Use the File Manager in Plesk

The first thing you must do is login to your Plesk control panel. Once you have made it to the front page, click on the domain name you wish to manage the files for. Now click on the File Manager icon.

Now, you should see a line up of all the folders hosted under that domain. You can click on the folder name to go deeper inside of that folder. Your main web site files are located in the httpdocs folder.


Other commands you can do from here would be to create or delete folders, change file and folder permissions and rename files and folder. Here are a few more helpful tips to use with Plesk's File Manager:

  • To change permissions for a directory or a file: click on the corresponding lock icon. The permissions settings page will open, allowing you to set the required permissions. Select the desired settings using the checkboxes, then click OK to submit.
  • To rename a directory or file, click on the corresponding Rename icon. A new page will open allowing you to rename the selected file or directory. Type in a new name and click OK.
  • To copy or move a file or directory to another location, select the required file or directory using the appropriate checkbox, and click Copy/Move. You will then need to specify the destination for the file or directory to be copied or renamed to. Then click Copy to copy, or Move to move it.
  • You can also change a timestamp of a directory or a file. To do this, click on the Change timestamp icon. The time stamp will be updated with the current local time.
  • To remove a file or directory, select a corresponding checkbox, and click Remove Selected.
  • To upload a file to the current directory, click Create File, then specify its location. Click OK.
  • To create a file, click Create File, then type in a file name in the corresponding field, check (uncheck) the "html template" box, and click OK.
  • To create a subdirectory that will be nested in the current directory, click Create Directory, then type in the directory name in the Directory name field, and click OK.
  • To edit a file source, click the corresponding Edit icon. The File Manager's editor window will open, allowing you to edit the file source. After you are done with editing, click Save to save the file, OK to save the file and quit the file editing mode, Cancel to cancel editing mode and return to the FileManager panel, or Reset to discard the alterations made.
  • To edit a file in the WYSIWYG editor, click the corresponding Edit icon.