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Each time a new customer signs up through your Lunarpages affiliate plan link, you are awarded a commission for the sale through our web hosting affiliate program. However, some might have questions about the commission process, so I wanted to explain it fully to you here.

The first thing I would like to cover with you is what is a qualified commission?

A qualified commission is any sale you refer to us, which:

  • Was referred via your Affiliate Tracking URL.
  • Is a 12+ month shared starter, basic, windows, exchange mail, business, reseller plan, a 3+ month VPS, dedicated, Scalable Cloud account or any new domain purchase.
  • Has been active for at least 30 days.

and which does not:

  • Have an unauthorized coupon attached to it.
  • Have another affiliate's name attached to it.
  • Include renewals, or add-ons like Dedicated IPs, JSP, etc.

Here are a few things that may disqualify your claim to any commission:

  • have a coupon attached to it
  • have another affiliate's name attached to it
  • include Reseller accounts, renewals, or add-ons like Dedicated IPs, extra domain names, JSP, etc.

In short, any new 12/24 month Shared account, any VPS/Dedicated account, and any account which you refer our way earns a qualified commission.

Do I get paid for additional features?

No. At this time, we only offer commissions on new accounts purchased with Lunarpages. Renewals, add-on domains, sub domains, and extra add-ons like JSP, Dedicated IPs, ASP, etc, are not eligible for commissions.

Also, please note that we do not allow self-referrals in our program, as per our terms of service. We do manual self-referral checks once/month to assure nothing slips through the cracks, and if we do find a self-referred commission, we will simply delete it. A self-referral consists of a matching billing and affiliate name/address.

How will I know when my commission has been qualified?

The whole process is as automated as possible, so once you make a sale, an email is generated to the address we have on file in our affiliate back end. This email contains the subject of "Commission Notification – Lunarpages" and is sent via, so be sure to white list that address. If you don't see the sale show up immediately in your affiliate stats and email, write to so we can look into the occurrence for you.

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