Redirect Domain Management in LPCP

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The Lunarpages LPCP control panel enables web hosting clients with the ability to easily redirect web site visitor traffic from one web page or section of their web site to another. This is done without the need of learning the complicated way of managing domain redirects with .htaccess file manipulation. With this tool, you an easily redirect your web site visitors (permanently or temporally) from one page to another page.

How to Setup Redirects in LPCP

The first step would be to login to your LPCP control panel, and then locate the "Redirects" link in the left side menu.


Once you click that link, you will be taken to the Redirects management web page.



In the type drop down box, you have the choice of creating a permanent (301) redirect or a temporary (302) redirect.


In this drop down box, select the domain name for the web site in question, and in the following empty text box, put the address to the rest of the page - as based on the URL address location.

For example, if I wanted to redirect I would select from the drop down box, and put in page/homepage.html into the empty text box.

redirects to->

In this empty text box, you want to put the location of the new page you want to redirect to. When inputting the address, be sure to use the full URL path (example:

www redirection

You have three choices when it comes to how you want to handle the www in the web site address.

  • Only redirect with www
  • Redirect with or without www
  • Do Not Redirect www

If you check the "Wild Card Redirect" check mark box, you will redirect ALL files within a directory to the same file name in the redirected directory. When you are sure you have filled out all the boxes correctly, hit the button that reads, "Add" to add the redirect automatically.

Once a redirect has been added, it can also be deleted using the "Delete" option listed under the Current Redirects section of the page.