Resource Usage Suspension

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A web hosting account can be suspended if it is using too many server resources. Server resources often refer to the CPU and RAM usage on a web hosting server. To put it in simple terms, this means your web hosting account is overloading the server to an extent where no other accounts on the same hosting server can function.

The Pizza Metaphor and Comparison

Think of your server resource usage as a pizza you are sharing with ten friends. So that everybody gets some pizza, you cut it into ten pieces. Now, let us say one person was really hungry and ate three or four slices of pizza. This would not be fair to the nine other people, because now they have no slice of their own, or you have to cut the slices of pizza into even smaller slices.

What Causes Your Server Resource Over Usage?

Many different things can be the cause of a server resource issue, so this is why it can sometimes be a difficult issue to troubleshoot. Here are some common problems that could be giving you trouble.

  • Script or Plugin Vulnerability
  • Hacked or Security Related Issues
  • Sudden Burst of Popularity
  • Out of Date Script or Plugin
  • Badly Written Script or Plugin

These are all reasons that should be looked into as the possible cause of your problem. Also, feel free to ask for advice on how to fix your problem from the web development aspect of it, via our Lunarforums. However, please note, the Lunarforums are not for server side support - only for advice, help and tips on how to find the cause of the issue, or troubleshooting what you might need to look into next as the cause of the problem.

Support Response Times with Server Resource Issues

Another question that comes up often is, "Why is it taking so long for support to get back to me?". There is a very simple explanation for this.

Server resource issues can often happen as random spikes, or as continuous problems. Server administrators that handle these types of situations, often will want to monitor an account after changes have been made to see if the changes that were made to correct the problem, actually had a long term effect on the account. You can think of this as a doctor that gives you medicine and then follows you around to see if you cough again.

Accounts that are using too many resources are moved to non-production servers. These are servers that can handle an account that is using too many server resources, so that you can work on the problem without negatively effecting other customers hosted on the server you are on. On occasion, a situation with server resource issues might be so bad, that an account can not be moved to a non-production server. In that case, you would have access to your control panel however you would not be able to display pages.

While the delay might seem like a nuisance, it is necessary to make sure you are totally fixed up before they can remove the suspended status.

File and Folder Modifications by Server Admins

Files - Files might also need to be renamed, to lighten the load on the server for a temporary amount of time. Most of the time, this is done by just adding .disabled to the end to make it where the offending file can not be executed. This can be fixed by renaming the file back to the original name at a later date and time.

Folders - To prevent folders from being displayed, while server resource usage issues are happening, the permissions for the folder might be changed to 000. Only the server administrator working with you will be able to change the permissions back, once it is safe to do so.

Upgrading Versus Fixing the Problem

In most cases, when your hosting account has been suspended for server resource over usage, you will get an e-mail that tells you that you can take steps to correct the problem, or you could upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan. Much of the time, problems can be fixed by troubleshooting the cause, however if your web site or hosting account has just grown in popularity or usage so much, it might be time to look at the VPS or Dedicated hosting options, because they are not restrictive when it comes to server resource usage.

Overall, please remember that Lunarpages is here to help you with your issues of any shape, fashion or form, anytime. However, these types of issues may take a little longer to be fully resolved and taken care of. The best 'bit of advice I can give to you is to work with (and not against) the server admins helping you with taming down your server resource usage so that you can get back to serving your own web site visitors as quickly as possible.

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