Sending E-Mail From Scripts in LPCP

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

Our shared LPCP servers use a separate server for email unlike what you may be used to on our shared cPanel servers which send email from the same hosting server. Due to this, you will have to use SMTP to send email from scripts and specifically, SMTP Auth (authenticated). For scripts you have created, please see . For 3rd party scripts, check if the script offers a choice between sendmail and SMTP. Choose SMTP. You may need to alter the code or add a contribution or plugin which enables SMTP Auth. There are contributions available for osCommerce (,901 ) and WordPress ( ). Joomla has this function built in but it must be chosen and set up.

Use the following settings:

SMTP Server Host Address: (change to your domain name)
SMTP Server EHLO / HELO Name: name of the mail server (for example:
SMTP Server Port Number: 25
SMTP Authentication Required: true
SMTP Authentication Username: email address (specify the email address you want to use for sending)
SMTP Authentication Password: password for the above email address

Your exact email server will be listed in the Critical Account Information welcome email that was sent to you when you first signed up.