Server Paths

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The following are paths for our Linux servers.

Direct path to your files

What is the direct server path to the files for my web site?

(Replace username with your Lunarpages username.)

Path to Perl


Path to PEAR

What is the path to the PEAR installation on your servers?

Please note: Not all servers have this installed. For any server without Pear modules as native files, please read below:

You can try the following paths to reach Pear:


If these are not working, you will need to install your own PEAR packages.

We do not provide all PEAR packages, and for ones you are unable to use on the server already, you must instead upload yourself. Please see the post that already discusses this at:

Path to Python

/usr/bin/python or /usr/bin/local/python

Path to Sendmail


Path to FFMPEG

For cPanel servers the path is:


For LPCP servers it is:


Please note: To use FFMPEG please add the following to your custom php.ini file:

Path for Curl

When setting up it is asking for the path to Curl:


Path for ImageMagick convert

The path to the convert command is:


Path to PHP

  • PHP 4.x: /usr/php4/bin/php
  • PHP 5.x: /usr/bin/php

Path to aspell


Path to bzip


Path to tar


Path to Ruby


Path to Rails


Path to gem


Path to gpg


Path to NetPBM

What is the path to the NetPBM installation on your servers?

Most of our servers do not have it installed. It is not necessary to run Gallery. We do not support it and will not be updating it if it is installed. If it is installed on your server, it will be at: