Setting Up POP3/IMAP MAC OS (Mac Mail)

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

1. Open Mac Mail Program. On the Mail Menu click Preferences.

Mac mail pref.png

2. Click on “Accounts” and click the + button at the bottom.

Mac mail accounts.png

3. Enter Name of account and email address with password.

Mac mail accounts2.png

4. Choose account type (POP3 or IMAP).

Mac mail accounts3.png

Make sure to enter “” as the incoming server name.

5. Choose Password type for authentication on the dropdown.

Mac mail accounts4.png

6. Enter in the outgoing server information along with email address and password again.

Mac mail accounts5.png

Make sure to enter “” as the SMTP (outgoing) server name.

7. Leave all settings at default on this page. No changes are needed here.

Mac mail accounts6.png

8. Verify the details and make sure to check the option to bring “account online” and click “create”

Mac mail accounts7.png

9. On the account page click on “Advanced” and make sure that the “Use SSL” option is selected and port number is listed as 995 (993 for IMAP).

Mac mail accounts8.png