Setup Postgres Databases

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Some scripts you wish to install and get running use Postgres databases to store the information on the web site. The information is then pulled from the databases, at the request of the script and then displayed to your readers. Here we will help explain how to setup a Postgres database in cPanel.

How to Setup Postgres Databases in cPanel

Cpanel new databases box.png

First thing to start with would be to login to cPanel. Once you are in, scroll down to the Databases section and click the PostgreSQL Databases link.

Create a Postgres Database

Cpanel new postgresql create.png

Type the name you wish to use for your database in the box. Make sure you make note of the name you used, and then hit the Create Database button.

Create a Postgres Database User

Cpanel new postgresql user.png

Now if you scroll down to about half way on the Postgres Database Management web page, you will see a section titled PostgreSQL Users. Under this you should see three empty text boxes. One box is for your database user name and the other two are for your user password. These should be unique to this database and should not be your account user name and password.

Also, make the password 6-8 alpha-numeric characters, and it should not contain the user name. Make note of both the user name and password you used, and then hit the "Add User" button.

Granting User Access to a Postgres Database

Cpanel new postgresql useradd.png

The last step would be to add the user you have created for the Postgres database to the database itself. You should see where to do this under Add user to database.

Ensure that you have the correct user name and database name selected from the drop down menus. Once you have made your selection in both of the drop down boxes, click the Submit button. You have now successfully created a new Postgres database.

Cpanel new postgre currentdb.png

If you need to edit any of your database specifics, you can do so by using the phpPgAdmin link on the home page for cPanel.