Shared SSL Certificates

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    • Please note Shared certificates are no longer offered on servers using due to functionality conflicts. Please email support for more information.

Using a secure connection in your browser is a good way to confirm your connection to any scripts or services is secure. With many of our web hosting plans, we provide access to the server's shared SSL certificate at no additional cost to you. Also, remember that when using a shared SSL certificate you can only secure .html-based web pages.

What is the Path to the Shared SSL Certificate?

Finding the path to use for your shared SSL certificate is easy. In most cases it follows this format:


Here, the servername would be the sever you are hosted on, and username would be your Lunarpages user name.

For example, if you are on Balsa server, the shared SSL certificate on the machine will become:

Please Note: The old format of the Lunarpages shared SSL certificate used to be https://secure.servername/~username. The secure prefix/sub-domain part of the address has been dropped as of March 23, 2010. Please use the method mentioned above from now on.

Shared SSL and E-commerce scripts

  • Shared SSL will not function with ASP, JSP or PHP pages. It will function only with HTML, and cgi/perl based documents/scripts/carts. This is due to security restrictions on the servers.
  • Shared SSL is not available with Lunarpages Windows hosting plan.