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Purchase ANY hosting plan with Lunarpages and for a limited time receive full registered versions of Parallels Workstation 2.2 for Windows & Linux, WinSettings and Photo TurboBackup by FileStream, Logo Creator Entertainment and Sports Editions, 60 days free at RatePoint, 15 DNS level Gafana spam, virus protection, and email management accounts, $100 LinkWorth free advertising credits and $20 in Bidvertiser clicks, DeepTrawl website error checker, plus 3 months of VisitorVille web stats! - valued at over $700 - Absolutely FREE!

Not sure what these programs are about? Here is a review for each one we are offering:


Need a better tool to help you gather and make sense of all your customer feedback? How would you like the chance to turn prospective visitors into loyal customers? One service that provides you with all the tools to get it done is RatePoint.

Deep Trawl

To me, the worst thing about website errors is that they can often go undiagnosed for weeks, months, or even years if you don’t have the time to monitor every inch of your website 24/7. And for those of you who have hundreds of pages to look over for these errors, it can not only get tedious but incredibly frustrating to boot.


With any version of Windows it seems like we all would like a little more control than Microsoft sends our way. Now thanks to a special deal with Lunarpages and the fine people at FileStream you can get a powerful program to allow that to happen. WinSettings is one of the best power tools out there for the Windows operating system.

Imagine seeing your website visitors as 3D avatars moving around a 3D city. Imagine clicking on any of them, and initiating a chat. Yesterday I was watching and this little bus started driving around with Google written on the roof and that represented one of our visitors who found us via Google. I was able to right click him and see the search term used, location, that he was a new visitor and I could even track (or stalk) his movements around the forums.

The Logo Creator

Every business needs a good website, and every good website needs a good logo to accompany it. Many business owners neglect to realize the importance of branding as far as logo design is concerned, but it's something you should seriously consider. And while it used to cost a fortune to create a professionally-designed logo, you can now do it from the comfort of your own computer and at no cost to you!

Photo TurboBackup

Finding yourself in need of a good backup system? Photo TurboBackup will make short work out of all of your photo backup needs. This tiny program is a must have for any photographer that wants a quick and easy way to copy their masterpieces to another hard drive or location.


On a scale from 1-10, how much do you hate spam? If you’re like me, and 10 is the highest our scale goes, I give spam about an 11 on my hate list. It’s annoying, I don’t want it, I don’t even read it, and the worst part is, I can’t rid of it…or can I?


If you’re like many webmasters, business owners, teachers, or administrators, you know the importance of organizing forms to keep in touch with all your staff, clients, or administrators. Making this information available to the public in a simple, quick, and efficient way has always been one of the woes of many webmasters. Making that information look nice or editing it in the future also became nearly impossible.


The people at SiteScout are all about making the Web a safer place to be for both you and me. Has your site been infected? SiteScout will let you know if your site has been infected with malware and is attacking your visitors and customers.


LinkWorth is one of the Internet's most lucrative advertising portals for webmasters, businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, bloggers, and just about everybody in between. Through LinkWorth’s partner directory of over 30,000 websites and nearly 250 million pages, you can advertise your website or business effectively and affordability. Or, if you are looking to place advertising on your website, you can become one of their partners and choose relevant advertisers to market your site to.


Online advertising can be tough if you’ve never tried it before. You could end up spending hundreds without getting a single sale or qualified click to your website. This can be frustrating for new webmasters who just want to see their website come up higher on relevant websites and need to boost their traffic, get more clicks, or reach the right customers.