Silverlight Application Deployment

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

Deployment of a Silverlight application is rather easy. First of all, upload application folder to somewhere under the document root of your account and, if you are on Linux, ensure the case of the file names, folder names and links are correct due to the case-sensitivity of the platform.

To finalize the deployment, it is required to specify the MIME mapping.

In cPanel:

  1. Click on MIME Types icon
  2. Add a MIME Type "application/xaml+xml" with extenssion "xaml" (both without the quotes).


  1. Open the File Manager, and in /public_html/ edit the .htaccess file
  2. Add the following
AddType application/xaml+xml xaml

In Plesk:

  1. Click on the Web Directories shortcut on the domain management page.
  2. Select the MIME Tabs tab
  3. Click Add New MIME Type
  4. Put ".xaml" (without the quotes) as extension, select content as "Custom" and write "application/xaml+xml" (without the quotes) in the next edit box, then click OK button.