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How do I modify the Simple Guest book template?

It is very easy to modify the Simple Guest book template. To find the link, go to the Simple Guest book part of cPanel and under the heading is "Edit Guest book Template." Click on that and you will see the following:

<!--- Don't modify the cgi tag --->
<!--- Don't modify the cgi tag --->

Now, you can make the page around the entries (which will be where the <cgi> is located) either using an HTML editor (eg. FrontPage or Dreamweaver) or hand-coded HTML.

Here is a quick example of something you may do. In this example the <cgi> tag is placed in a table with a width of 600 and to ensure that long messages go to the next line at 600 pixels. There is also no border. This make the page friendlier to smaller monitor resolutions. You can replace the URL of home with anything you wish.



<p align="center"><strong><font size="4">Welcome to our guest book </font></strong></p>
<p align="center">Thanks for signing.</p>
<p align="center"><font size="2">Home</font></p>
<table width="600" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td><div align="center">
<!--- Don't modify the cgi tag --->
<!--- Don't modify the cgi tag --->