SmarterMail Calendar

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

The SmarterMail webmail client that is given to our Windows hosting customers comes with a calendaring option too. You can access it by logging into your SmarterMail account, and then on the left menu select "Calendars".

How do I view my own calendar?

You can view your own personalized calendar by clicking on "My Calendar" under your "Calendars" menu on the left navigation menu.

How do I add a new appointment?

You can click under "Calendars", your "New Appointment" link to add a reminder to the calendar. When viewing your calendar you can also add a new appointment by clicking on the "New Appointment" link at the top.

Can I get e-mail updates for appointments?

Yes, you can. When viewing your calendar, click on the event you wish to be reminded of and click on the check mark box next to "Send E-mail Notification". (you can also do this when setting up the appointment) You can be reminded 15 minutes before, 30 minutes before, 1 hour before, 2 hours before, 3 hours before, 4 hours before, 5 hours before, 6 hours before or 12 hours before.

Can I setup my appointments to come up on a schedule, like once a week, a month or a year?

Yes, you can do that too. When viewing your calendar, click on the event you wish to edit. (you can also do this when setting up the appointment) Next, click on the tab for "Recurrence Information" and setup how often you with for this appointment to come up. This is handy for birthdays, work schedules or bill reminders.

Can I connect my SmarterMail calendar with Outlook?

You can click on "Add to Outlook" when viewing your calendar to start the sync process if available. This process will add a folder to your Outlook client that will connect to SmarterMail and download your information. This is done through the STSSync protocol which connects Microsoft Sharepoint to Microsoft Outlook. This process will only work if you have Microsoft Outlook 2003 or higher (not Express) installed. Additionally, security software such as McAfee may prevent this from working correctly.