SmarterMail Email Client Setup

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How do I setup my email client with Smartermail?

When setting an account up the program will walk you through most of the process.

Tip #1 - Remember that your login name is and you would use the password you put in when creating the e-mail account in Plesk.

Tip #2 - This one is important. When setting up your Windows hosting e-mail account to work with an e-mail client, when going through the setup process make sure you put in as your POP3 or SMTP mail server. If you only put, you will not connect correctly because the Windows hosting e-mail is hosted on a seperate server. If you are running into problems with authentication this could be the reason.

Tip #3 - What e-mail clients do we work with? With the shared Windows hosting plan you can use just about any e-mail client out there. That includes (but is not limited to) Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Exprress, Netscape E-mail and more.