SmarterMail Folders

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

SmarterMail, as with any web hosting mail client comes with the ability to store your messages in folders. Once you have logged into the SmarterMail interface, you can reach your folders by clicking on the "Folders" section on your left navigation menu.

How do I create a new folder?

At the top, click on Settings and then "My Folders". From there you should see an option at the top that reads "New Folder". Click it and then you can type in a folder name and hit the "Save" link.

If you wish to create a sub-folder (a folder inside of a folder) use a backslash. As an example, you can put in Work\project. That would create a "project" folder under your as a sub folder to your "Work" folder.

What are the special folders for?

SmarterMail provides several special folders you should be used to seeing if you have worked with any other mail program before. They are:

  • Drafts - This is where you can store temporary messages you are working on.
  • Deleted Items - You can setup your account to save deleted e-mails in your settings. Just make sure you clean it out every so often.
  • Inbox - This is the area where your newest messages will be shown once they have been delivered.
  • Junk E-mail - The Junk E-mail folder is hopefully where your junk or spam messages are being sent, depending on the spam filters you have put in place.
  • Sent Items - Here you have the messages you have sent from your account. The copies stored here will help you keep a record of the e-mails you have sent. Any messages sent from another client (such as Thunderbird or Outlook) will not be saved here. Only the messages from SmarterMail.

What is the Folder Auto-Clean?

You can access your Folder Auto-Clean setting by going to "Settings" at the top, and then "My Folders". From there click on "Folder Auto-Clean". This setting is to limit how much of your account disk space is being used by these folders:

  • Junk E-mail Folder
  • Sent Items Folder
  • Deleted Items Folder

Most people should be ok to stick with the standard auto-clean settings, but if you wish you can override the settings with your own. To add your own rules, after switching to "Override auto-clean settings for this account" you should see a new link reading "Add Rule". Here you can add your folder cleaning rules for each folder.

I want the messages in my folder to sort by who it is from, or the subject, or the date, or the size. How can I do so?

Open up the folder in question, and then click on From, Subject, Date or Size at the top of the folder. Doing so will change how your messages are sorted.