SmarterMail Plus Addressing

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Our Lunarpages Windows hosting plans come with a Plus Addressing feature inside of the SmarterMail interface. What does that mean for you? That means you can create special e-mail addresses for certain people or things without giving up your real e-mail address.

How to use Plus Addressing in SmarterMail

As an example, let us say your domain name is You want to sign up with some service with this e-mail address but you don't want to share your normal e-mail address wit them. You can sign up for the service with this address instead:

When they send mail to you, now all of these messages that they send to you will be delivered to a folder named "SHADYSITE". You can also use the "/" to make the messages appear in a sub-folder. For that you would need to use this address:


Now anything delivered to this address would go into your "SHADYSITE" folder inside of your "Foldername" folder.

How do you activate the Plus Addressing feature?

If this service is not activated by default, you can login to SmarterMail, go to the Settings menu and choose "My Setting". Click on the Plus Addressing tab and then check the Enabled check box.