SmarterMail Sending E-mails

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To compose a new message with your SmarterMail Webmail interface with your Windows hosting plan, you must first login to SmarterMail (*). Once inside of the SmarterMail interface, on the left menu you should see a link that reads "New Message". If you don't see that, click on "Folders" on the left menu and then it should be listed under there.

Click that and then you should see a very familiar new mail interface, as you would see with any other mail client. Across the top you have these options:

  • Send - Click this to send your message
  • Save as Draft - Click this to save your message to send later
  • Add Files - Click this to add an attachment to your message
  • Cancel - Delete the e-mail you have started

You then have several message available to you in the compose area too:

  • To: This is where you would put the e-mail address for who the e-mail is to.
  • CC: This area stands for "carbon copy" which will send a copy of the message to whomever you send it to.
  • BCC: This stands for "blind carbon copy". This is what you would use to send a copy of the message to somebody else, but you don't want the person your originally sending to, to see your sending a copy.

The last box available to you is where you would type in your e-mail message. By default it gives you a HTML toolbar across the top to help you with formatting. You can turn this off by going into Setting > My Settings > Compose, then change the Compose Format from "HTML" to "Plain Text". Now all the messages you send will be in plain text and not HTML.

That should cover all the details on how to compose an e-mail using the SmarterMail client that is available for our Windows hosting clients.

* - change to your actual domain name