Sugar CRM Session Save Path Error

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

If you are manually installing SugarCRM and receive the following error when trying to install:

Errors have been detected during compatibility check. In order for your SugarCRM Installation to function properly, please take the proper steps to address the issues listed below and either press the recheck button, or try installing again. Component Status Session Save Path Setting The session.save_path setting in your php configuration file (php.ini) is not set or is set to a folder which did not exist. You might need to set the save_path setting in php.ini or verify that the folder sets in save_path exist.

Log into the File Manager, and in the folder you are installing SugarCRM create a new folder called 'tmp'. Then edit php.ini and add the following line:

session.save_path = tmp

This should resolve the error.

Please note: On LPCP servers SugarCRM can be auto-installed using Softaculous.