Suspended Account FAQ

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Finding yourself with a suspend account can be one of the worst thing around. Thankfully though, we have a few frequently asked questions here that should help you troubleshoot this problem as quickly as possible. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact or put in a help desk ticket as soon as possible.

Why was my account suspended?

Most account suspensions happen when a script or number of scripts on an account eat up so many server resources, they are affecting other clients on the same server. It is Lunarpages job to make sure everybody is kept happy so the offending account may be suspended, and/or moved to another server until a solution can be found to the problem. For more information on this see our Resource Usuage Suspension page. Other suspension reasons may be because of billing related issues or disk space/bandwidth related issues.

What if I just ran out of disk space or bandwidth?

Then that should be a little less severe of a situation and should be dealt easier. With bandwidth you could purchase enough to last you out the rest of the month and with disk space and/or bandwidth upgrading your plan from one to the next could also help solve this. (Situations might be different on a case by case basis.)

What if my account was suspended due to a billing issue or late payment?

This can be taken care of by the billing team at Most of the times, we can restart your charge - you pay the bill and then everything is back to normal.

What if my account was suspended and I need access to my content?

Any shared client that is suspended due to non-payment and needs access to their content will be required to submit payment for the minimum period of 1 month at the following rates:

  • Basic Plan: $12.95
  • Windows Plan: $14.95
  • Business Plan: $24.95
  • Reseller/ Webmaster Reseller Plan: $19.95

Any Dedicated/VPS client that is suspended due to non-payment and needs access to their content will be required to submit payment for the minimum period of 1 week.

Please contact our Billing department for more information.

What is the solution (if not billing or bandwidth/disk space related)?

In most cases the offending script or practice can be removed from the account, and all can go back to normal. If the problem is more about usage of the account (such as to many people accessing the same script at the same time) you may be asked to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting package.

Why should I upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting plan?

These accounts have fewer clients on them, so the server resources are more widely distributed. Also these account types allow for more advanced features not found on your usual hosting plans that some people may find that they need.

I have a ticket in about my situation, but support is not answering me back?

Support will get to you as soon as they can. You must realize though that it takes time and effort to investigate each issue on a case by case basis. If we were to turn back on an offending account without checking it out from head to toe, and then it took out a server, we would not be doing our jobs (and by our I mean Lunarpages).

Please wait as your issue is being investigated and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Working with support (by doing what they ask, and asking what you can do to help) is a good idea and will make the process go by faster.

Will the cPanel Resource Usage Stats give me any helpful information?

If you have cPanel access, you can review your Resource Usage Stats.

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