Using Index Manager

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The cPanel Index Manager can be a helpful tool if you know how to use it. As an example, if you have a sub folder called images, unless you have an index.html (or another form of the index file) in there, a visitor can easily see a list of all of your files by pointing to that folder in their web browser.

Cpanel new indexing indexof.png

How Do You Use the cPanel Index Manager?

Cpanel new indexing main.png

The best way to prevent a full directory listing is to use the Index Manager which will turn off the index for the folder. The first step you must take to use your Index Manager is to login to your cPanel account. Next scroll down to the Advanced section and click the Index Manager icon.

Cpanel new indexing manager.png

Now you are on the Index Manager page. From here, select the folder you wish to protect.

Cpanel new indexing settings.png

Here you can setup an index manager rule for what happens for that specific folder.

  • Default System Settings (this will display all files within a folder if there is no index.html file)
  • No Indexing (turns the indexes off so no files will be displayed)
  • Standard Indexing (text only listing of files/folders)
  • Fancy Indexing (text and graphic listing of files/folders)

Select the one you wish to use, and then hit the Save button. You can use the same steps to turn an index back on (or change to any other options) too.

TIP: You can also accomplish the same goal as this by putting an empty file called index.html into the folder you wish to protect.