WHM Add a Package

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

Before you can create an account in WHM for your Webmaster Reseller plan you will need to first create at least one package. To do so log into WHM with your master username/password and click on the link for Packages. Next click on the Add a Package link.

The following are the categories of the package you can edit.

New Package Name

  • Enter a name for the new package (ie, Small Plan)


  • Quota (MB) - The amount of megabytes of data for file storage
  • Bandwidth (MB) - The amount of monthly bandwidth available to your client in megabytes
  • Max FTP Accounts - The maximum number of FTP users your client can create in Cpanel
  • Max Email Account - Maximum number of email accounts they can create
  • Max Email Lists - Total MailMan mailing lists they can use
  • Max Databases - Maximum databases they can use (note: most scripts, such as Wordpress, require a database to install)
  • Max Sub Domains - A sub domain would look like this:
  • Max Parked Domains - Parked domains act like an alias and will direct to their primary domain
  • Max Addon Domains - Addon domains look like separate websites, but share the resources of the clients main domain


  • Select options
    • Frontpage Extensions
    • CGI Access
  • Cpanel Theme (note: You can brand your own cpanel themes)
  • Feature List - A list of cpanel features you can make available to your clients, see Feature List
  • Locale - Select the default language for cpanel

Finally click the Add button and your new package will be created.