Web Hosting Guides

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Looking for a guide to help you with your web hosting account? Here we will store a collection of various web hosting guides to assist you with getting the most out of your web hosting account.

Getting Started with Blogging

So do you wish to setup your own blog, about yourself, your favorite topic or one of your projects? These days, blogs are easy to setup and maintain. If you are new to blogging though, it can be a little overwhelming. A blog, for the most part, is like an online diary. You can post reviews of things, your opinions on current events, or anything else you can imagine. Then, people come to your web site to see what it is you are talking about, and they can leave you a comment about it.

Build a Community with a Forum

Forums and message boards might be one of the oldest types of social web sites on the web, today. Here, you can create a web site for like minded people to post comments, questions and ideas. Where the magic comes into play, is that people can then turn around and add to the conversation with a reply of their own. Great for support, or for just any type of topic. Message boards are a great way to add more social interactivity to your web hosting plan.

Basics of Photo or Image Gallery Hosting

Want to setup a gallery for your photos, art or other forms of digital media? There are many ways to get this done with your Lunarpages web hosting account. Like you would see in an exhibit or art gallery inside of a museum, a online gallery works much in the same way. Visitors are able to browse through your images and interact with them in a number of different ways.

How to Setup an Online Store

Want to setup your own store online? Electronic commerce (also known as eCommerce or e-commerce) is the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet. How can you do that here, with your web hosting account? A digital storefront can be setup really easily with just a few tools in hand.