Web Site Statistics in LPCP

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

How do you access the web site statistics section in the LPCP web hosting control panel, so that you can see how much traffic your web sites hosted at Lunarpages are getting? The first step would be to login to your LPCP for your web hosting account. Next, under Statistics - click the link labeled "Web Statistics".


This link will take you to the Web Statistics page. Now, select the domain name you wish to view the statistics on, and click the button labeled, "View Latest Stats". A new window should open up (or a new tab, depending on your browser) that will show you the statistics for that domain using Webalizer.

For more help on how to read the Webalizer results, see Webalizer Hits vs Visits in our web hosting wiki or this Webalizer "quick help" post from the Lunarforums.