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Having webmail access on your e-mail accounts means that you can check your e-mail via an Online e-mail client. Depending on the type of web hosting plan you have, the steps to take to reach your webmail clients may be different.

Please note: The username when logging into webmail will be the full email address (ie, Also, passwords are case sensitive.

cPanel Servers

You can access webmail in any of the following ways:

  • (secure)

Note: replace '' with your actual domain name.

You could also use:

  • (secure)

LPCP Servers

The actual link for LPCP webmail is:

Please note, you will need to replace "server" with the actual name of your server at Lunarpages, which can be found in your welcome e-mail.

For easier access, you can create a .htaccess redirect. LPCP does not have a .htaccess file by default in /public_html/, so you may need to create it and add the following line of code:

 redirect /webmail

As before replace ‘server’ with their server name (such as omega). Now you can go to http://yourdomain/webmail/ to log into your webmail.

Windows Servers

To Access your SmarterMail webmail account that comes with our Windows hosting plan, please use one of these links:


Note: Older Windows servers do not have access to SmarterMail. If you find yourself in that spot, you can still access the Horde e-mail client by logging into this address:

Where it says 'server' above, is the actual server name on which your account resides. Also where you see or may change too. For a list of variations, please check here.