Webmaster Reseller Details

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Q: How does the Webmaster Reseller plan work?

A: The Webmaster Reseller plan provides a set amount of storage space and bandwidth for one low price which you share among your client accounts. You create a custom package or packages in WHM for the levels of hosting you want to offer then create accounts in WHM using those packages. You can create as many accounts as will fit into your storage space and bandwidth limits. Storage and bandwidth can also be upgraded should you need more.

Each client account will have its own Cpanel and login. Fantastico script installer is also included. You will have a Master Reseller account which will let you login to any of their accounts. The Master Reseller account is not meant to host anything. It is only used to control your other accounts that you create. The domain you enter when signing up for our Webmaster Reseller plan will be used to create a free subdomain that will be used for the Master Reseller account rather than the domain you entered. For the domain you entered, you will need to create a new client account for it after your Webmaster Reseller plan is activated.

You will be provided with WHM access using the Master Reseller account login info so you can create and edit packages, create or terminate accounts, change passwords, list accounts, brand Cpanel to your company, etc. For a full list of WHM features please see Webmaster Reseller Menu.