WordPress Customization

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I enjoy installing WordPress for people. Now I will leave it up to you to decide if that is really cool or really sad. Nevertheless, it provides a neat feeling. Maybe I get a buzz from knowing that this Web site could be the next big thing. Maybe I just like helping folks out. What people do not realize though is getting up and going with a WordPress blog is not that hard at all. Once you get the hang of it, you can get yourself up and going with a great looking Web site in under an hour.

Getting WordPress Installed Manually

Now the first thing you are going to want to do is visit and download the script itself. Personally, I find downloading the .zip version works best for me - but others might like the .tar.gz version as well. Once you get that downloaded onto your computer, you need to un-compress it and decide where you are going to put it.

Now you can drag and drop (using an FTP client) your WordPress files into your root directory if you want your new WordPress install to point at your domain. If you want your blog to rest in a folder though, you can just rename the WordPress folder you uncompressed and upload the whole thing. That one is up to you.

How do you get it going? All you need to do is follow the Famous Five Minute Install. Those of you who might be unfamiliar with installing scripts on hosting accounts might want to look over the more detailed instructions too.

Bonus Tip: You can install WordPress via Softaculous with just a few clicks!

WordPress Themes

It is installed and running, now what? This is where the real fun is - because you can play around with customizing WordPress to suit your needs. The first thing you are going to need is a better theme than the defaults they give you. The best place to look for WordPress themes is the WordPress Theme Viewer. Pick one that you like, and drop it into your themes folder inside of WordPress.

Might also keep this tutorial handy on how to install themes:

WordPress Plugins

Now your blog looks nice, but how about adding a few features that are not built into the WordPress install? That is where plugins come into the picture. There are hundreds of plugins that will do hundreds of things. The best place to search for plugins is the WordPress Plugins Database.

As far as getting them installed - each one might have it's own way of doing things. The best thing you can do is make sure you read the "Read Me" file that came with the plugin or check back at the Web site you got the plugin from. Most of them will just be dropped into your plugins folder inside of WordPress. For more help on installing plugins, you can check the WordPress Web site.

The important thing to remember while doing this is there is nothing to be afraid of. Sure you might screw up during the install process a few times. You might have to go back and totally reinstall everything. As long as you are learning though - that is the key to it all. Who knows, maybe you will become the "WordPress Expert" among your friends.

With practice and time, you might even be able to tell me why it is so much fun too.