Zend Optimizer Local Install

From Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki

On my shared hosting account, I need a higher version of Zend Optimizer than what is installed on the server. How do I locally install Zend Optimizer?

1. Visit to download latest Zend Optimizer.

2. Extract the files in your local computer. You will find a folder called data. Rename the folder to a more specific name such as zendopt (We will use this name for the rest of this article.)

3. Upload the zendopt folder to /public_html/.

4. Add the following line to /public_html/.htaccess:

suPHP_ConfigPath /home/username/public_html
(Change username to your Lunarpages username.)

5. Add following lines to php.ini (create the file if it does not exist):

(Replace USERNAME with your cpanel username.)

Please also replace 4_4_x_comp with whatever PHP version is on your server. The zendopt folder contains several folders such as 4_4_x_comp, 5_1_x_comp, and 5_2_x_comp. Please select the closest to your PHP server.

6. Confirm the Zend Optimizer has been upgraded by creating a PHP file with the following line and browse the file on your site:

<? echo phpinfo(); ?>