Addon Domains in LPCP

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Setting up an additional domain name (or often called addon domain) in the LPCP is easy to do. Here are the four easy steps to take to get an addon domain added to your LPCP-powered web hosting plan.

Going to the Addon Domain Manager

The first step you will want to take to add your addon domain via the LPCP, is to find the icon labeled "Addon domains". Click that icon. You can also access this page by clicking on the "Addon Domain" link under the Domains category in the left sidebar of the LPCP.


Inside the Addon Domain Manager

You will then be taken to the Addon Domain Manager. From here you can manage your addon domains. To add your new addon domain click on the "Add new" link at the top of the page.


Adding the Addon Domain

Now, you should be on the Add domain page. From this page, fill in the following boxes:

  • Addon Domain Name: the addon domain you wish to add to your account
  • Username/directory: whatever you put in this box will be both your user name AND the directory under the public_html folder the addon domain is assigned to
  • Password: your password (should already be filled out)
  • Re Enter New Password: retype your password

Once you have filled out all the boxes correctly, hi the "Go" button.


A FTP account will be created for you once the addon domain has been setup by the LPCP. You can manage it by clicking on FTP Accounts in the left-side menu from within LPCP.

Addon Domain is Added to the Account

You should now see a message that says, "Addon Domain Added successfully". If not, you may check and see what errors it tells you exists, and try again.


How to Remove an Addon Domain in LPCP

If you wish to remove your addon domain, you can easily do so by clicking on the addon domain icon on the LPCP's main page, or by clicking the "Addon Domain" link under the Domains category in the left sidebar of the LPCP. Then, all you need to do is simple hit the "Delete" link that corresponds with the addon domain you wish to remove. Follow the on screen instructions, and your addon domain record should be removed successfully.

Please Note: When adding on addon domain via the LPCP, make sure the addon domain name in question is pointing to the nameservers your primary domain is already pointing to. You can find these by checking the welcome e-mail you received when your web hosting account was created.

Also, the Starter hosting plan does not support addon domains at this time.