Custom Webmail Link in LPCP

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How Can I Access My Webmail Without Going Through LPCP?

Within LPCP, you can create your own webmail link so that you can directly access your webmail page at a specific domain, such as The code needed to do this can be added to your .htaccess file.

To create a .htaccess file in LPCP, go into your File Manager and then navigate yourself into the public_html folder.

How do you create a .htaccess file? In the File Manager, go into the public_html folder, then at the top-right of the page you should see a create a file option. Choose "File" as the file type, type .htaccess into the empty text box, and then hit the "Create" button.

Use appropriate link from LPCP, but the format for .htaccess is:

redirect /webmail 

Please Note: Be sure to change omega to reflect your actual server.

You will need to add the above snippet of code to the .htaccess file.

Also /webmail can be anything you want. If you put in /mail then would redirect to webmail client page. From this page you can choose between Horde Mail or RoundCube, update passwords and more.