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Lunarpages does not only do web hosting, we do domain name registrations too! We can act as your domain name register for .com, .net, .org, .name, .us, .ca,, .biz, and .info domains. What if you have your domain name registered with another company, and you wish to move it to us instead? That too is a very easy task to accomplish.

How Do I Start the Domain Name Transfer Process?

Transferring a domain to Lunarpages costs only $9.95. The domain will renew at $9.95 per year thereafter. For example, if your domain name registration runs out 10/17/08, and you transfer it over to us your new renewal date is 10/17/09. Transferring your domain name over will add a year's worth of renewal time onto that domain name registration.

If you have not used your Free Domain for Life offer, there would be no charge to renew the domain. (A one-time transfer fee of $9.95 still applies on Free for Life domains that are transferred from another registrar.)

If you would like the registration to be anonymous (where Lunarpages' information is displayed on a whois lookup rather than yours) we can do this for an additional $7.95 per domain per year for the anonymous registration. To start the transfer process we will need:

  • Your Primary Domain Name:
  • The Domain to Transfer (if different):
  • Your Account Username:

If you have a credit card on record, then you can give us the last 4 digits of that credit card for verification. If not (if you paid by check, PayPal or another alternative method), then please provide:

  • Postal Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • First and Last Digits of Password:

We will also need authorization to charge your payment method of choice.

How Does the Transfer Process Work?

Please note that a transfer requires the domain name to be active and not expired or locked. After a domain expires, there is a long timeline before it is available to repurchase it.

Here is how you can determine the status of the domain:

Domain Registration: When you do a Domain Whois lookup, you will see:

Status: ACTIVE
Updated Date: DD-MMM-YYYY (date changes made to record)
Creation Date: DD-MMM-YYYY (date domain registered)
Expiration Date: DD-MMM-YYYY (date domain expires)

A domain that can be transferred would show an active status signifying that it is not locked, expired, on hold, in redemption, or pending deletion:

Domain Expiration: When a domain expires, the status would change to the following:

Status: REGISTRAR-HOLD The expiration date will typically be pushed forward a year by the registrar and is not a good indicator that the domain has expired. The better indicator is that the DNS nameservers have suddenly quit functioning for the user, the updated date is close to the current date and the expiration date is one year from the current date. During this time, the user can renew the domain for the same cost as a regular domain renewal, although it can take 48-72 hours for the domain to become active again.

Domain Grace Period: After expiration, the domain will lapse into a Grace period of about 40 days. The status will continue to say either REGISTRAR-HOLD or GRACE-PERIOD at this time. As during expiration, the user can renew the domain for the same cost as a regular domain renewal, although it can take 48-72 hours for the domain to become active again.

Domain Redemption: After the Grace Period ends, a domain will go into redemption for 30 days and the status would change to the following:

Status: REDEMPTION-PERIOD The domain name will now cost $80-$150 or maybe more to renew at this point due to the manual addition to the registry by the registrar and the renewal fees. It can take several days for the domain to become active again once the fees are paid.

Domain Deletion: The final step is deletion, which occurs 5 days after the Redemption Period ends. The domain will be removed from the registry entirely and then anyone can register it. It would have a status similar to the following Status: PENDING-DELETE

To view the status for the Domain Whois, please go to CentralOPS at [1] and do the following:

  • 1. Click on "Domain Dossier" then enter replacing that with your domain in the "domain or IP address" field.
  • 2. Check the "domain whois record" option and click the "go" button.
  • 3. You will get a return such as:
Domain Name: DOMAIN.COM
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: REGISTRAR-HOLD (if domain is in expiration/grace period)
Updated Date: DD-MMM-YYYY
Creation Date: DD-MMM-YYYY
Expiration Date: DD-MMM-YYYY

Please note that if you see REGISTRAR-LOCK, this usually means that you have requested for the domain to be locked at the DNS nameservers. A lock prevents a domain from being transferable (as a security precaution to prevent someone from trying a malicious takeover of the domain). You would need to log into your domain administrative area to remove a lock or ask your registrar how to do so. A domain in REGISTRAR-LOCK cannot be transferred as the only status allowing transfer is ACTIVE.

Additionally, please note that the email we send to you when you request the transfer will come from Tucows to the administrative email listed in the Domain Whois. You must have access to that email address for the transfer to proceed. If you do not, you will need to log into your domain admin area and change the email there and then contact us once it updates in the Domain Whois records. Again, please contact your domain registar if you are not sure how to log into your domain admin area to make this change.

Finally, if you have any issues with your registrar, be it not replying to mails, not relinquishing control to you as the owner of the domain, etc., you can register a complaint about the registrar at: