E-mail Sending Limits

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What are your E-mail Sending Limits?

On our shared web hosting plans there is a limit of how many e-mails can be sent. This would be 400 emails per hour per account. Our Cloud/VPS and Dedicated plans do not share this same limitation but we encourage you to keep sending at a reasonable level.

Lunarpages also sets a limit for maximum deferred emails per hour. This limit is set to 90% deferred/failed emails per hour. Our system examines outgoing mail over the last hour to determine whether the domain has exceeded the limit. When a domain exceeds the limit, it cannot send mail until at least one hour has passed since the domain is back under the limit.


  • You send 100 emails this hour. 91 of those 100 fail or are deferred, your email will be suspended until you are again under the limit.

This is to help prevent spamming as well as server blacklisting. If you need to funnel out the way your e-mail is being sent, we suggest using a mailing list program such as:

TIP: PHPList can quickly be installed in cPanel and LPCP through Softaculous.

PHPList can be used to stagger emails to a set limit per hour so you stay within your account limits. If you need the steps on how to do this, please visit the following WIKI article: PHPlist