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Out of all the web site statistics tools I have looked at and checked out for some reason I keep coming back to Google Analytics. There is plenty to come back for, as it is the most in-depth free web site stats package you are going to find.

I find after talking to webmasters for any extended amount of time though that some people are intimidated by the process of setting it up. They think it is too complicated or just something they don't want to bother diving into.

Sure some of the features give you more information that you probably need but better to have more than not enough. To help those who still have butterflies in their bellies - here is a step by step guide to get you going.

Getting Started with Google Analytics…

Go to the Google Analytics web site and sign up for an account or login with your Google login details. You already have a Google account, right? Post login, click on the “setup” button to get going with the setup process.

Give Google Your Web Site’s Details…

Next you load up a screen that wants you to put in some information about your web site. Type in your domain name, account name and set your time preferences. The account name will be the group name for the series of web sites you use Google Analytics on.

Fill in Your Contact Information…

The next page wants you to put in your contact information. If you don’t want to do this - just select your country and you should be good to go to the next step.

Check Out the Terms of Service and Agree…

One of the last pages you will see is Google’s terms of service and legal agreement. Skim through it, read it if you want to. I know your probably not going to though. Click the “I agree” check mark box and move on.

Cut and Paste the Code!

The last step gives you a ‘bit of javascript to cut and paste onto all of your web pages that you want to track. Just copy it from there and paste it into your web site. Get past that step and your done! You have successfully setup Google Analytics.