HTML Formatting Tags

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When it comes to formatting a web page using HTML code, you can think of it (kind of) in the same way you would look at formatting a document formatted by a word processor. You have your headlines to show you where one section starts and stops. You have your paragraphs to break up blocks of text, and you have line breaks to show where there should be a new line started. Now I am going to show you how to get some of these things done using HTML.

Headline Tags

Example: <h1>This Is My Title</h1>

Paragraph Tags

Example: <p>This will be shown as it's own paragraph on my web page.</p>

Line Break Tags

Example: I can put this at the end of a line to show where I want it to stop. <br />

Blockquote Tags

Example: <blockquote>This text will be shown as indented on my web page.</blockquote>

What Have You Learned About HTML Formatting Tags?

Now, take a look back at what this page has taught you:

  • How to change the format of a page using basic HTML tags
  • Headline tags are used for titles and sub-titles
  • Paragraph tags are used to seperate out big chunks of text
  • Line break tags are used to show where a line of text should stop
  • The blockquote tags are used to indent a block of text