How to Claim a Commission

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Commissions via the Lunarpages Affiliate Program can be claimed in a number of different ways. The most common way would be by having the person you are referring sign up through your affiliate account link. However, I will let you know the other ways you can make sure you get the commission payment you deserve.

Sign up Through the Affiliate Link

As mentioned before, this is the most common way commissions are applied. When somebody clicks through your affiliate link, and then places an order on for a qualified web hosting plan, you will automatically get the commission added to your Lunarpages Affiliate Program account.

To prevent a client from using a coupon or special offer mentioned on the front page, I would highly consider that you create a link that points the the specific plan page you wish to promote, such as:

or point them towards our web hosting solutions page here:

This way the front page coupon or special offer should not prevent you from being able to claim a commission using the affiliate system.

I would also recommend that you check out this tutorial for more information:

Sign up Over the Phone

When somebody calls in to place an order with Lunarpages, you can still get a commission. When your referral calls in to place the order, make sure the order meets the qualifications, and they tell the Lunarpages sales team member they are talking to one or all of the following details:

  • Your affiliate user name:
  • Your domain name associated with your user name:
  • Your first and last name:

The sales team will make note of this, and will pass the notification over to the affiliate team, so that we can add your commission manually.

Double Check - Send Us an E-mail

You can always contact us at or by submitting a help desk ticket to make sure your commission was awarded, and if it was not - then we will let you know why it was not awarded. We want to help you make the most of the Lunarpages Affiliate Program, and will be more than happy to help assist you double check to make sure your commissions are awarded.

Earn Money on Your Web Hosting Recommendations

The Lunarpages Affiliate Program is here to help you earn up to $300. Simply put, you could pay for your current hosting plan with just a handful of web hosting recommendations. Learn more about how you can get the most out of the Lunarpages Affiliate Program, or learn how you can sign up for free.

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