Logging into LPCP

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How can I get into my LPCP for my web hosting plan?

To gain access to the LPCP, we have included three example URLs you can use to gain access to this control panel.

Here is the normal login links for the LPCP for your account:

Example #1 - using your domain name address


Example #2 - using the server's name and server location domain address


Example #3 - using the server's IP address

  • http://IP:20081
  • https://IP:20082

In example #1, please be sure to change to your actual domain name. In example #2, be sure to change the server address to the one that reflects your hosting account location. If you are not sure, what to use, more details can be found in the welcome e-mail you received when your account was setup. For example #3 replace IP with the server's IP address.

Alternately if you want to access the LPCP control panel by going to you can add the following line to your .htaccess file.

redirect /lpcp

Untrusted Connection Warnings: When logging in via a secure connection, you might get a warning from your browser telling you it is an "untrusted connection". This message can be ignored. The error in question comes up because the SSL certificate you are using is assigned to the server, rather than your individual account. Please remember though, that you are still browsing your LPCP via a secure connection.

Once you make it in, you should be greeted by a screen where you can input your user name and password for your account.

Lpcp login screen2.jpg

Put in your login information in the correct boxes, then hit the button labeled "login". You should then be taken to the LPCP for your specific hosting plan.