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===Tutorial Categories===
===Tutorial Categories===

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Lunarpages Web Hosting Support Wiki

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Welcome to the Lunarpages web hosting support wiki! Here you will find a lot of help (over 546 guides) on all aspects of the web hosting world. This destination will be your living resource to have by your side and to help you tackle any web hosting issues, questions or problems you might have.

How do you use this web hosting wiki?

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This wiki is straight forward to most, but if you feel a little lost, try out some of these helpful suggestions.

Other Lunarpages Support Resources:

How and When Should You Contact Support?

Check out these tips on how and when to contact support. Also please note if you're having issues with the Help Desk, try resetting your login information. If you do not have a Help Desk login yet, you can create one. Please Note that your Lunarpages Help Desk user name and password is not created when you setup your hosting account.

As an alternative to a help desk ticket, try e-mailing directly. This too will submit a help desk ticket for you.

Where can I check on the Lunarpages server or network status?

Lunarpages Community of Help and Information

We have developed an entire network of web sites and social profiles to keep you informed and help you out with all of your web hosting needs.

Lunarpages on Twitter
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To get your daily dose of all the latest wiki updates, as well as support notifications, and the most recent blog posts, make sure you follow @lunarpages on Twitter. We have some of the Web's best content featured right there, for all of our Lunarpages clients and customers to enjoy.
Lunarpages Facebook Group
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Lunarpages web hosting also has its' own Facebook fan group for you to join too. Meet up with over 600 other web masters and discuss your web sites, your problems and your lives both in the online and offline worlds. Just one more resource where you can meet up with other customers like yourself.
Lunartics Uptime Blog
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The Uptime blog is our weekly blog where we share our latest hosting deals, cool web sites that you can use, and other web development resources for you to enjoy. With topics ranging from web hosting news, tech articles, online marketing, WordPress & Joomla tutorials, search engine optimization, online traffic-building, Google AdWords, web design, and more, customers and staff alike are free to comment and connect to our community.
Lunarforums Hosting Boards
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Lunarforums is run by Lunarpages staff and management, but our over 150,000 customers make up the base for the community as well, offering their assistance where they can. If you need help with web design and development, third-party software or services, or just want to chat and have a bit of fun, Lunarforums is the perfect web hosting community!