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What does Managed Shared Hosting Include?

Managed shared hosting includes all of the support you would regularly get with our shared hosting services plus extra support focused on managing your website. This program is for anyone who doesn't have the time or could use an extra hand keeping their website running while allowing them the time to focus on their business. COST: $39.95/month

Do You Have The Time To Manage Your Website and Software Applications?

1 Concern yourself with the growth of your business while Lunarpages provides account management

2 If you were to hire a Webmaster to perform the functions available through MSH, you could pay up to $100/hour


1 Exclusive support via live chat 24 hours/day

2 Exclusive toll free phone support 24 hours/day

3 Exclusive support desk 24 hours/day

Our powerful monitoring system enables Lunarpages support staff to identify and resolve web application issues before they affect critical business processes

4 Back up insurance (Premium Restore)

5 Making changes in customer’s cPanel

Lunarpages supports and assists the customer with all cPanel functions including managing domains, redirects, e-mail accounts, spam filters, etc.

6Installation and upgrades of many open source web apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

7 Additional exploit protection for WordPress and Joomla

8 Assistance with web editing software

Configuring design tools like Dreamweaver, FrontPage and show the customer how to publish the site using those web editing tools

9 Two hours each month of administration time

10 Email set up on customer’s local machine via live chat

11 Overall management keeping your site running well


1 Redesigns of websites

2 Flash

3 SEO and SEM, search engine submission

4 Shopping cart management

Product management, Plug-in management, Custom cart configurations

5 3rd party plugin/module/component troubleshooting/fixing

6 Fixing outdated plugins/modules/components that are not compatible with new scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

7 Custom coding

8 ASP/JSP/PHP/Javascript coding

9 Converting Databases (MySQL to MSSQL or vice versa)

10 Site Transfers

Potential customers must qualify for our site transfer per normal requirements Existing customers from windows or LPCP to cpanel, etc.

11 Custom graphics and editing

12 Just checking to see if we can fix their site. Creates potential for chargebacks

For more information see: Managed Shared Hosting

Are There Any Limitations of Managed Shared Hosting?

Managed shared hosting provides support of all items listed here. We also recommend that you let us perform any needed installations of software or configuration changes to your site. You can rest easy knowing that your website is well taken care of. On any given month if you exceed your 2 hour limit of administration time, with your approval, Lunarpages will continue working to solve your issues at a discounted rate of $60/hour.

Managed Shared Hosting FAQ

Q: What is the exclusive toll-free number that I have access to through this program?

A: This number can be found on your Customer Account Page’s Support tab and on the Managed Shared Hosting welcome email or Critical Account Information that was sent to you when you added this feature to your hosting plan.

Q: Is Lunarpages going to publish this exclusive toll-free number?

A: No. This toll-free number is available to only those who have opted to add this feature to their account. We will never publish it. Should this phone number ever become public knowledge, rest assured that any customer who has not purchased this add-on feature will be redirected to our regular support phone number.

Q: How do I access the exclusive Live Chat program?

A: You will need to log into your Customer Account Page (CAP) and click on the support tab. Here you will find the Live Chat information. Simply click on the ‘Start’ button and it will connect you with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Q: How do I access the exclusive support desk?

A: You may contact this desk 1 of 2 ways. You may either email us directly at or when you log into the support desk, from the top navigation links, click ‘Submit New Ticket’ and select the ManagedShared desk.

Q: How will you know if a customer has added this feature to their account?

A: Your account, along with any others that have purchased Managed Shared Hosting, has been marked with a banner indicating it as a Managed Shared Hosting account. If anyone who does not have Managed Shared Hosting on their account sends a request to this desk, their request will be moved to our general support desk.

Q: What do you consider design, development and administration time?

A: Should we work on your account for you and install/update any scripts, configure email, adjust settings on your website (including text and images), make changes within your control panel, or clean up exploits or malicious code (just to name a few), then we will keep track of the time spent by our employees on your account.

Q: What if I just have a few questions about my account? Will this be counted against my 2 hours per month?

A: No. We are here to work with you. We realize you will have questions from time to time. This is included in the monthly cost for Managed Shared Hosting.

Q: Is the 2 hours of design, development and administration time only over the phone?

A: No, any work done to the account whether by phone, support ticket or live chat will be counted towards this total.