Network Status

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When there is a problem with the network, this usually means that there is an issue with the paths people take to and from the server that your web site is hosted at. If any major network issue come up, Lunarpages likes to keep its customers in the loop. You can check on the network status at any time using a few methods.

Network Status (in the Customer Account Page)

Lunarpages provides you with a network resource checker right from your Customer Account Page. To access it all you need to do is login to the CAP, then click on the "Network Status" icon at the top:


From there you will be taken to a new screen with a status message on it:


As you can see from the example above, all services and the server are working great.

Please note: The Time added reflects the last time there was a change or announcement regarding the status of your server. The older the date, the longer your server has been online without incident.

If there are any problems, this message will change to reflect the current events.

Check Network Status via the Phone

You can also check on our current network status via this number:


This is a pre-recorded 24/7 network status message. If there are any issues that we are aware of, we will update the message here to let all of our customers know.

Other Network Status Resources

You may also wish to check on our forums for any announcements or threads started on a similar issue. Here are a couple of handy URLs to keep bookmarked so you can check them if any problems come up.