WebApp Pool in LPCP

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Please note that the WebApp Pool is no loger available on LPCP, as we are now using Softaculous to install scripts on these servers. Installation of scripts via the WebApp Pool has been disabled.

When you click on WebApp Pool any scripts you had previously installed will be listed. Updates to scripts installed with WebApp Pool are no longer provided, please use the Import feature in Softaculous: Import WebApp Pool script into Softaculous.

How do you install new third party scripts from within the LPCP control panel? This is a very easy thing to do, and will have you up and running with your own forum, photo gallery, blog and more in just a few steps. This takes away from the hassle of creating databases, uploading content and all the other confusing steps that many third party scripts make you go through to get them installed.

Getting Started in the WebApp Pool


The first thing you will want to do is login to your own LPCP account, and find the WebApps Pool link in the left-side menu. Click that link to be taken to the WebApps Pool web page.

  • In WebApps Packages select the script you wish to install.
  • For Domain Name be sure to put in the domain name you wish to install the script under.

Double-check to make sure the selections are correct, and then hit the button labled, "Install" to start the installation process for that third party script.

What Scripts Are in the WebApp Pool?

Here is a list of scripts that are installable via the WebApp Pool in LPCP.

  • 4images
  • AdvancedPoll
  • Coppermine
  • CubeCart
  • Drupal
  • FAQMasterFlex
  • Gallery
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Mambo
  • Moodle
  • OpenIT
  • PPhlogger
  • SMF
  • Serendipity
  • SugarCRM
  • WordPress
  • Xoops
  • Zen Cart
  • b2evolution
  • eGroupWare
  • nmsguestbook
  • osCommerce
  • phpBB
  • phpBook
  • phpList
  • phpWiki
  • phpmyvisites
  • tikiwiki

Configure Your Third-Party Script Install

After you hit the "Install" button to get your selected script installed, under the domain you selected, you will arrive at a web page where you can configure the details of the install. All you have to do here is fill in the blanks, so you can get this script in question installed exactly the way you want it to be installed.


In this section you will get more information about the script you are installing, what it does, and what version of the script you are installing.

Installation Preferences

In this section you need to select the "Destination directory". You have the options of:

  • Document Root (/) - this will install it right under that domain you selected earlier, or if it is your primary domain name, it will install into the public_html folder.
  • other: - picking "other" will give you the chance to install the script under a specific folder under that domain. Type in the folder name you want to use. (example: type in wordpress to install your script under

Database Settings

This section is where you can type in the specific database name, user name and database user password you wish to use. The database name and user name should already be filled out for you, all you need to do is write in a password, in most cases.

Other Settings

Depending on the script you are installing, there might be other self-explanatory settings to check and fill out. Be sure to check out each one to make sure it meets your needs before you progress with the third party script install. You can change these other settings later if needed, under WebApp Pool > Configure (for that particular script install).


Once you are finished, you will get the message "The WebApp [script name] was installed" and you can gain access to it by logging into LPCP and clicking the WebApp Pool link at any time.