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Having webmail access on your e-mail accounts means that you can check your e-mail via an Online e-mail client. Depending on the type of web hosting plan you have, the steps to take to reach your webmail clients may be different.

Please note: The username when logging into webmail will be the full email address (ie, Also, passwords are case sensitive.

cPanel Servers

You can access webmail in any of the following ways:

  • (secure)

Note: replace '' with your actual domain name.

You could also use:

  • (secure)

LPCP Servers

The actual link for LPCP webmail is:

Please note, you will need to replace "server" with the actual name of your server at Lunarpages, which can be found in your welcome e-mail.

For easier access, you can create a .htaccess redirect. LPCP does not have a .htaccess file by default in /public_html/, so you may need to create it and add the following line of code:

 redirect /webmail

As before replace ‘server’ with their server name (such as omega). Now you can go to http://yourdomain/webmail/ to log into your webmail.

Windows Servers

To Access your SmarterMail webmail account that comes with our Windows hosting plan, please use one of these links:

  • (IP=
  • (IP=

Note: In order to use your domain for webmail, a DNS entry is needed. If your DNS is hosted through us we will add this. If you are hosting DNS at another location then you will need to add the DNS A record for webmail and point it to the servers IP address where your mail is hosted.

Where it says 'server' above, is the actual server name on which your account resides. Also where you see or may change too. For a list of variations, please check here.