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To view plan specifications please visit Weebly Web Builder

Below you will find links to various how to's for the Weebly Website Builder.


  • Easy-to-Use Design Tools
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Website Templates
  • Image Slider Module
  • eCommerce compatible
  • Social Media Integrated
  • Blogging with comments
  • Integration for Ads
  • Customizable contact form with CAPTCHA
  • Google Maps module with location and directions

Common Questions

1. Multiple Lunarpages Accounts - Each account that wants to use the Weebly website builder will have to have a unique email address associated with their main account. Clients can still have multiple Weebly plans under their main account, however if a client has a 2nd account with us and they attempt to start a Weebly plan under the 2nd account it will error out until they provide a different unique email address for that 2nd account.

2. Using Weebly for add-on domains - Before using Weebly website builder for an add-on domain you must first create a new folder under the public_html/ for each add-on domain as you will need to specify the (Site root path:) of the created folder to provision your new Weebly site (or you will overwrite any existing files in the default path.) Also you must point your add-on domains DNS to your name servers so your site will show online.

Weebly addon domain.png

3. What if I already used my email at another host? - If you have in the past used your email address at another host for Weebly you will have to use an alternate email address in order to use the Weebly site builder managed by Lunarpages.

4. DNS Domain not showing online - If your DNS has not been setup or propagated yet after you publish your Weebly site you can add your shared servers IP to your hosts file to view your site online before that has completed.

EXP Host file entry:

Host File Location:

Windows 7, 8 = Windows (C:) > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc > hostsfile
Mac OS X = /private/etc/hosts </br>

5. PHP VERSION REQUIREMENTS - In order for your weebly site to publish correctly PHP 5.3.x needs to be enabled in your account or it will only publish text.

Beginner's Guide to Weebly

Beginner's Guide: First Steps
Intro to Content Elements
Intro to Page Layouts
First Elements: Adding Pictures to a Site
Create More Pages for Your Site
How to Switch Themes
Edit the Header
Edit Fonts
Start a Blog
Publish Your Site and Next Steps

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Pages & Navigation

Copy a Page
Change the Look of a Page By Altering Header Types
How to 301 Redirect an Old Page to a New Weebly Page
Reorder Pages
Create a Navigation Link that Leads to Another Site
Organize Subpages
Hide Pages from the Navigation Menu
Membership: Limiting Page Visibility to Members
Membership: Creating Groups
Membership: Inviting New Members
Membership: User Registration

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Start a New Blog
Create a Blog Post
The Blog Sidebar
Manage Blog Comments
Use Facebook Comments On Your Blog
Use Disqus Comments On Your Blog
Share Blog Posts to Facebook and Twitter
Scheduling A Blog Post
Manage Blog Settings
What is an RSS Feed?
How Can Visitors Follow Your Blog?
Blog Post Categories

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Our Store tab enables you to build a fantastic online store, and these tutorials will help you make the most of all our Commerce features.

Add Physical Products to a Store
Add Selectable Options (like Size and Color) to Products
Digital Goods That Customers Can Download
Organize Your Store with Categories
Show Off Products With Your Storefront
Select or Change Your Store's Currency
Set Shipping Prices and Options
Accept Credit Cards or PayPal (or Both!)
An Explanation of Commerce Transaction Fees
How Does the Shopping Cart Work for My Customers?
Create Coupons for Your Customers
Link to Your Store From Your Site's Navigation
Import Products (or an Entire Store) from Etsy, Shopify, or a Spreadsheet.
Show Customers Other Products They Might Also Like
Personalize Confirmation Emails for Your Customers
Add a Note to Seller Field
Advanced eCommerce Tracking with Google Analytics
Export Your Store Order History to CSV (Excel / Numbers) or Quickbooks
How Can I Accept Donations?
Add Google AdSense to a Site
Alter the Look of Google AdSense Ads
Use Zapier to Automatically Add eCommerce Customers to a Newsletter Mailing List
Verify Your Store with Wanelo

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Stats & Search Engines

SEO: Descriptions and Keywords
The Basics of Improving Your Search Ranking
Verify Your Site with Search Engines
Keywords and Descriptions
Google Analytics
Your Site's Stats Dashboard
An Update to Google's Mobile Algorithm

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Text and Images

Text and images are likely to make up the bulk of your site content. Read these guides to learn how to get the most from each.

Add and Edit Text
Change Fonts
Upload an Image
Create Text Links
Create Image Links
Create Button Links
Create Anchor Links
Upload PDFs, Powerpoint Slides and other Docs
Upload an Image Slideshow
Upload an Image Gallery
Upload a Logo to Your Site
The Block Quote Element
Disable Image Downloads
Use Professional or Free Stock Photos
Problems Uploading Pictures or Files?

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Video & Audio

Upload Videos Using Our HD Video Element
Embed Videos from YouTube
Embed Video from Vimeo and Other Hosts
Upload Music Using Our Audio Player

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Custom HTML & Embeddable Widgets

Add a Search Field
Add a Map to Your Site
Add Widgets, Videos, and Other Content by Embedding Code
Add Your Twitter Feed / Badge to a Site
Add a Facebook Like Button to Your Site
Add an Instagram Feed to Your Site
Verify Your Site with Pinterest
Create a Newsletter Sign-up or Autoresponder Form
Add Social Media Links / Icons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

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Weebly Support

For support please visit the Deskor Call us. If you do not have a Help Desk login yet, you can create a login. Please Note that your Lunarpages Help Desk user name and password is not created when you setup your hosting account.

As an alternative to a help desk ticket, try e-mailing directly. This too will submit a help desk ticket for you.

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